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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2008|10:42 am]
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People are odd in my mind. I always believed boyfrinds and girlfriends to be secondary to friends. I never had a boyfriend or girlfriend who did not leave me in the end, or who I left and never looked back on. If you don't have friends, and your boyfriend leaves, which there is always a chance of, who should pick up the pieces, if not your friends? If your lover falls for someone else, why would they stay with you? Your friends don't leave you just because you get more friends.
Everyone strives to have love these days. So much that they would even settle for secondary, just to have it. I don't get it. Is it because you are supposed to have one? And are you really? I just read an artcle on divorce, and I believe it may have a point. The reason people get divorced is because they don't need each other anymore. It is no longer crucial to get married. It is not life or death if you don't marry and start a family so you can sprout some kids to take care of you when you got old, or a man to bring home the money. But despite that, the underlying 'why don't you have a boyfriend?' is still there. I suppose I am on the 'why the hell should I?' wagon. Can someone enlighten me? Why is it so bloody important to have someone?
I am beginning to think that it in women's cases at least, it is that they need someone to adore them. To feel special, because they are not unique enough at work. Perhaps they were spoiled growing up, as so many of us are today.Taught that they are special and unique but when they get out in the real world, it turns out they are not. So they seek people who think they are special, and in desperation, it becomes anyone and anything that walks on two feet and has a speech pattern that just halfway resembles something one can relate to. Maybe the article wasn't right after all. People still treat getting a lover like a life or death situation, and even settle just to get it. The difference is that today, you don't have to.


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Picture Perfect [Oct. 31st, 2006|08:09 pm]
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Happy Halloween :D

I talked to Myth earlier today, and it all ended with how I should start posting my picture series.
So here goes ^^

A bit summery for the season, but, it was the first I made so I thought I may as well start with that. We had so many roses this year the garden was drowning in them, and so, this came about. There are three new additions. The ones with the orange rose, was not in the original "shoot".

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